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Span Plan has provided support to nontraditional students at the West Lafayette campus since 1968 and continues the goal of access to education for students at all stages of life. Today, Span Plan supports more than 700 students enrolled through the West Lafayette campus through individualized support, creative programs and financial scholarships.

Our students have unique needs. Your support allows us to be the sole provider of childcare scholarships for undergraduate students on campus, academic scholarships for students by providing deadlines and funding more appropriate for nontraditional students, and a broad range of advocacy, support and programs that celebrate students making the decision to complete their education goals.

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Where does your money go?

Your support continues the great legacy established by Dean Helen Schleman in 1968 of exceptional outcomes for nontraditional students. Gifts of any amount are valued, appreciated and impact the students we serve.

Donations from individuals and organizations are central to Span Plan programs, and many of the services we provide would not exist without the generosity of donors. Donations may be designated to the following areas:

General Fund

Support for the ongoing services and programs that focus on the success of nontraditional students at Purdue. Visit our events and services page to learn more about the exciting programs your dollars will help to support.

Academic Scholarships

Finances can be one of the biggest obstacles nontraditional students face. Our academic scholarships currently provide renewable support of up to $2500 annually. This includes funding for summer courses and ensures students have a stable stream of financial support that would not otherwise be available. Over 60 students receiving academic financial support each year.

Student Parent Support Fund

The Student Parent Support Fund goes directly to support our Child Care Assistance Scholarship. We are the only provider of childcare assistance to undergraduate student parents on campus.