Span Plan Nontraditional Student Services

Parenting Students

As a parenting student, we realize you juggle many roles when pursuing your education goals. Span Plan is here to assist you in your education journey with resources and opportunities designed specifically for our students that are current parents or become parents while a student.

If you are a current parenting student or are expecting and not currently hearing from Span Plan, please click here for us to learn more about you and a staff member to reach out.

Childcare Assistance Scholarship

The Childcare Assistance Scholarship was established to support undergraduate parenting students are the Purdue University, West Lafayette campus and childcare costs. Scholarships are available prior to each semester and do require a completed FAFSA.

Span Plan Parenting Support Group

We are stronger through our support networks. You are invited to join our Span Plan Parenting Student Group to meet other parents, share experiences and grow your community.

Admissions Resources

Transferring to Purdue with college credit? Click here to review the requirements and resource for transfer students.

New to college? We have you covered with the information you need to review and prepare to apply as a new freshman student here.

Additional Support

Parenting Students should be aware of the Parenting Leave Policy for Students passed in 2019 by the Faculty Senate. Students who are pregnant, have recently given birth, or need a leave of absence to care for a newborn, adopted, legal guardian, or foster care child may petition for a leave of absence through the Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) by meeting individually with an OIE staff member for case evaluation.

Lactation Spaces

Purdue provides over 40 locations across campus for students to use. We would be happy to walk you through those options and help access the locations that will work best with your academic schedule. Please reach out to or call 765-494-5860 to set-up an appointment or schedule a campus walk.

Changing Stations

For parenting students that bring their children to campus, a map of chaging stations with location designation may be helpful. Below is a map of changing spaces around the West Lafayette campus that includes building and room numbers to help you find a location that works best for you!

Childcare Resources

Locating the right childcare option can be a daunting task. The information provided below is there to help you locate local, state and federal resources.