Span Plan Nontraditional Student Services

Married Students

Students that are married when beginning at Purdue University, West Lafayette campus or become married are invited to join our Span Plan community. The following resources are provided to assist in your path to becoming a Boilermaker. Additionally, for those student that are married while students, we will provide you with contacts and things to consider as a married student.

All paths begin with undergraduate admissions. Please select the category below that best describes how you will begin at Purdue University for direct links.

Beginning with transfer credit

Transfer students begin here. Please note, for consideration as a transfer student, you must have successfully completed at least 12 semester credit hours of college-level coursework.

Not sure about which credits will transfer? There are two online resources for your benefit that demonstrate how your credit will transfer to Purdue with your specific major. The Purdue Transfer Equivalency Self Service allows you to enter your previous college coursework to receive a comprehensive report that includes the credit you will receive toward the degree plan for your desired major and the remaining courses that will need to be completed.

Additionally, the Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide provides course equivalency at Purdue for your specific courses and the possible courses your credit may be used for. This is a good tool if you are not quite sure about your major. You may want to consider using the plan of study for your desired major to best understand what your completed versus outstanding classes may look like when transferring to Purdue.

No Previous College Credit

Click here to review the admission application and requirements for new freshman students.

If you have been out of high school for at least five years and your high school record is missing either Purdue's high school course requirements or grades, you are encouraged to review Purdue's community college roadmap to help you prepare to apply as a transfer student.

Newly Married Students

Please note: if you are filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), your new marital status may impact your filing status and aid eligibility.!



Span Plan offers several academic scholarships for nontraditional undergraduate students as well as a childcare scholarship for our parenting students. The Span Plan Academic Scholarship application is due July 1 each year and the

Indiana residents are encouraged to review their eligibility for the state’s Adult Student Grant. If you are not an Indiana resident, please check with your state to determine if any grants exist that may be used for education outside of your state.

Looking for more scholarship resources? Scholarship Universe is Purdue’s resource for many departmental scholarships as well as outside scholarships. Additionally, check out our resource page to find more scholarship opportunities for nontraditional students!

Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be completed as quickly as possible when considering attendance at Purdue University. Purdue has a FAFSA filing priority date of March 1 each year (for both new and returning students). The Division of Financial Aid is a good place to visit to access their net price calculator, apply for campus wide scholarships, policies, and additional deadlines.