Span Plan Nontraditional Student Services

About Span Plan

Span Plan is dedicated to fostering an environment that empowers undergraduate nontraditional students to navigate their unique educational path by providing access to financial and academic resources, specialized guidance, and engagement opportunities that develop confidence beyond the classroom.


Span Plan, founded in 1968 by Dean Helen Schleman, began the quest to create education equity for students at all stages of life. More than 50 years later, Span Plan continues to serve nontraditional undergraduate students enrolled through the West Lafayette campus. Today we provide programs, community, advocacy and support for more than 700 students that continue to redefine their futures and build bridges to create an educational environment that welcomes all.

We’re Here. You Matter.

As a nontraditional undergraduate student, we recognize that your education journey may be unique. Our staff is here to support you in your endeavors by helping you identify resources, navigate campus, find your village and create opportunities that enhance your academic pursuits. We recognize your importance on campus and are here to help with challenges and celebrate your successes!

Big Vision. Real Goals.

Span Plan will advocate on behalf of our undergraduate students with departments across campus to build a strong foundation of support that addresses nontraditional student situations and fosters an environment of inclusion. This will be accomplished by providing students the opportunity to gather and share experiences to create community, forming programs that address the unique barriers of accessing resources, and acknowledging the needs of different learning aspirations. Span Plan will ensure nontraditional students are valued as a dynamic asset in the classroom and their needs are addressed through the services and programs we provide to assist with degree completion.