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Bid and RFP Opportunities

The University posts all its solicitations on the strategic sourcing website. Open-bid opportunities are updated daily with the University's intent to purchase specific goods or services. Businesses that wish to respond to open solicitations must submit responses within the specified time frame noted in the solicitations.

Bid Opportunities

Updated 05/20/2022

Bid opportunities are listed in the table below or in the associated Excel file (xls).

Bid Event Title Description Email  Bid ID # Bidding start time (EST) (Military time) Bidding end time (EST) (Military time)
RFP ITSM (IT Service Management) Solution Soliciting proposals for an ITSM solution. Doc3442736104 4/7/2022 16:34 5/20/2022 17:00
Slip Tube-Slip Joint Cart and Ball Valve Stand Fabrication Fabrication and fit-up assembly of parts associated with the Slip Tube/Slip Tube Cart and Ball Valve Stand assemblies. Doc3477561935 5/3/2022 10:38 5/24/2022 17:00
RFQ - Reverse Osmosis Water System Reverse Osmosis Water System to support the centralized animal facility in the Life Science Animal building Doc3485522564 5/9/2022 9:19 5/25/2022 13:00
HTM Food Equipment Summer 2022 Bid for HTM Equipment. Doc3498247779 5/19/2022 12:00 5/26/2022 12:00
RFQ - Towing and Related Services Purdue is seeking proposals for towing and related services for PUPD, Transportation Services, Parking Services, and Athletics for both university and non-university vehicles as requested. Doc3496593688 5/16/2022 15:59 5/30/2022 13:00
RFQ - Carpet for Public Seating Project in the Fishbowl Soliciting bids for carpet quotes for the public seating project for the Fishbowl located in Winifred Parker Residence Hall Doc3501128068 5/19/2022 14:36 5/31/2022 17:00
COBRA Administration and Retiree and Long Term Disability Direct Billing RFP Purdue is collecting information from third party vendors to determine organizations that are best suited to provide COBRA and Direct Billing (Retirees and LTD members) services to Purdue University and its subsidiaries. Doc3451019444 5/4/2022 15:10 6/1/2022 17:00
Heated Driver Tube RFQ Fabrication and machining of parts associated with the Heated Driver Tube Assembly for Purdue University M8 Quiet Tunnel. Doc3501541827 5/19/2022 15:58 6/2/2022 17:00
RFR Experiential Education Software Platform Seeking proposals for an Experiential Education Software Platform. Doc3493087641 5/13/2022 14:52 6/24/2022 17:00