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The University posts all its solicitations on the strategic sourcing website. Open-bid opportunities are updated daily with the University's intent to purchase specific goods or services. Businesses that wish to respond to open solicitations must submit responses within the specified time frame noted in the solicitations.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Request for Proposal

Updated 03/01/2021

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Bid Event Title Description Owner Email  Bid ID # Bidding start time (EST) (Military time) Bidding end time (EST) (Military time)
RFQ Classroom Equipment LCR This is to solicit bids for lifecycle replacement of classroom equipment. Richard Leonard Murphy

Doc2857487740 2/23/2021 16:34 3/2/2021 16:00
Ground Training Lab Aircraft Megan Francis Vaught

Doc2834758683 2/9/2021 14:47 3/2/2021 17:00
RFQ 7x GPU Servers Soliciting bids for 7x GPU Servers. Richard Leonard Murphy

Doc2864912480 2/25/2021 21:29 3/3/2021 16:00
RFQ 2x GPU Servers This RFQ is for 2x GPU Servers. Richard Leonard Murphy

Doc2864530019 2/25/2021 21:19 3/4/2021 16:00
Vision Plan Megan Francis Vaught

Doc2815518599 2/4/2021 15:18 3/4/2021 17:00
Fully Insured Dental Plan Megan Francis Vaught

Doc2821064080 2/5/2021 15:13 3/5/2021 17:00
Recreational and Wellness Equipment Recreational and wellness equipment for the Co-Rec Brett A Decker

Doc2856118614 2/22/2021 17:59 3/8/2021 15:45
Graduate Staff & Student Dental Plan Purdue is seeking proposals for a fully insured dental plan for graduate staff and domestic and international students. Megan Francis Vaught

Doc2819862993 2/8/2021 11:11 3/8/2021 17:00
Actuarial Services for GASB 75 Valuation RFP Megan Francis Vaught

Doc2833761918 2/12/2021 22:02 3/12/2021 17:00
Athletics Ticket Printer RFQ Megan Francis Vaught

Doc2856145537 2/23/2021 9:50 3/12/2021 17:00
RFQ - Document Management System Document Management System for Office of Legal Counsel Leanna M Zeller

Doc2866283960 2/26/2021 17:49 3/17/2021 17:00