Celebrating music of all genres with a vast repertoire including pop, classical, contemporary, country, swing, patriotic, Broadway, gospel and jazz, this talented troupe of alto and soprano voices represents the brightest and best from a variety of majors and areas of study.

Known for an ever-polished and professional look and style, the Purduettes consistently highlight the considerable musical talents of the more than 60 vocalists through full-ensemble selections as well as small group and solo presentations.

Founded in 1942, and having celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2022, the Purduettes have inspired audiences around the globe. The ensemble has performed throughout Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Costa Rica.

Maintaining a high level of academic achievement, the Purduettes pursue excellence on and off the stage, employing a leadership honorary and a mentor program to help further the development and lives of each individual, while involving Purdue alumni and community leaders through the outreach efforts of the program.

Directed by Jeff Vallier, the Purduettes provide energetic and quality entertainment suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, all the while connecting the University to alumni, friends and communities worldwide.

For additional information about the ensemble, including the audition process, please email director Jeff Vallier at jvallier@purdue.edu.


"Land of 1,000 Dances" performed at the Long Center in April 2019.

"Rise O Fathers/No Time" performed at the Long Center in April 2019.

"Shackles" performed at Cornerstone Lutheran Church in April 2018.


The Purduettes were founded in 1942, during World War II, when members of the Glee Club were leaving for service so rapidly that the Glee Club schedule had to be curtailed. Al Stewart, the director of PMO, responded by forming an entertainment group of 13 young women who were chosen and organized as the Purduettes.

Al Stewart took the Purduettes on a tour of the East coast that included a performance at the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, New York. The Purduettes were a hit and began entertaining audiences nationwide. Stewart originally designed four costumes for the Purduettes including a simple black and white choir gown and the well-known white satin, off-the-shoulder formal gown. 

Although Stewart restored the men’s Glee Club as soon as the war was over, the Purduettes had made their mark in history, and the women added a new flare to Purdue Musical Organizations. Even today, the Purduettes remain the choice group for many audiences.

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In honor of President Daniels’ many contributions to the university, the Purduettes re-created a special performance from the President’s Council annual dinner to thank him for his unforgettable efforts.