Purduette 75th Anniversary Legacy Fund

Jae Israel-Kellogg pictured with Purduette students.

Jae Israel-Kellogg (center) pictured with Purduette students.

The Purduette 75th Anniversary Legacy Fund honors Jae Israel-Kellogg due to her decades of service and leadership of the Purduettes and for Purdue Musical Organizations as a whole. For 25 years, Jae served as director, assistant director, musical accompanist, arranger and mentor for not only the Purduettes, but for many other musical ensembles including the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, University Choir, PMO Express, Choral Club, and the Purdue Indiana Extension Music Program.

Jae’s influence can still be felt in several musical selections in the Purduettes’ current repertoire, and her legacy lives on to continually enrich and benefit the lives of current PMO students. Not only is Jae a fundamental leader in developing the Purduettes into the premier vocal ensemble that it is today, but she is also an avid supporter of PMO and a champion for enriching the students’ educational experience.

Throughout her tenure, Jae had the opportunity to travel with many different PMO ensembles including the 1999 international tour to Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand with the Glee Club and members of the Purduettes, University Choir, PMO Express, and the Black Cultural Center’s Black Voices of Inspiration. Jae believes that it is important to give back "so that the new generation of students continue to have the same or better opportunities than you had.” In addition, Jae believes that PMO provides “lifelong friendships, travel and career opportunities, scholarships, alumni connections, a home away from home… the list goes on and on!”

PMO invites you to join our efforts in honor of Jae and to give back and support current and future Purduettes. Donations and pledges given to this fund will be utilized to support once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities for the Purduettes. During Jae’s 25 years at PMO, she embodied the favorite adage, “no fun without music, no music without fun,” and truly left an impact on the Purduettes.

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