Prequalified Structures for The Stage

This course explores theater set design structures and responsibilities, covering loads, materials, and engineering in entertainment settings. Students gain insight into how builds are made and enhance safety awareness.

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A Glance at The Online Prequalified Structures for the Stage course.

Unleash your creativity in theatre set design with Fusion Studio for Entertainment and Engineering. This course explores prequalified structures, loads on platforms, safety, and engineering in an entertainment context. Learn the “how” and “why” of entertainment builds from industry expert Rich Dionne.

Study at your own pace over 5 weeks! Gain invaluable insights for a dynamic career in theatre engineering. Enroll today!

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Purdue University’s online course, Prequalified Structures for the Stage, offers a comprehensive exploration of the art and science of set design. Led by industry expert Rich Dionne, this course provides a unique learning experience with asynchronous delivery, allowing you to study at your own pace. With a generous six-month access period, you’ll have ample time to absorb the course’s valuable curriculum materials.

Prequalified Structures for the Stage is a 5-week course, that takes place asynchronously. This concise timeframe allows for a focused exploration of theatre set design and structural considerations.

This course grants students flexibility to engage with the material at their convenience. The course materials remain accessible for six months, accommodating any schedule or learning pace.

“Prequalified Structures for the Stage” offers students learning materials curated by industry expert Richard Dionne, fostering empowerment in their educational journey. Rich has served as the technical director for numerous productions in the Department of Theatre; prior to coming to Purdue, Richard was the production manager and resident sound designer at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, where he mounted numerous productions at various indoor and outdoor venues, including a nationally-recognized educational touring company. 

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