Hemp Essentials

The popularity of hemp oil products and products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp make it a tempting crop, but that is not the whole story. The Hemp Essentials program takes a holistic approach, providing an understanding of the hemp industry beyond just hemp cultivation and production, with the goal of teaching how to become a better consultant or grower.

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The curriculum covers the plant biology and agronomic aspects of the growth and uses of hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), including its place in history, the implications of historical and modern legal and social issues and the uses and benefits of hemp hearts, hemp seeds and other parts of the hemp plant for food, fiber, building products and health and medical applications.

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different modules
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Program Specifics

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Learners will leave with knowledge of the history and legalities of hemp production, including how to grow and harvest hemp, as well as the many uses of hemp and the economics of its production.

  • Introduction to Hemp
  • Botany and Genetics
  • Production and Management
  • Harvest, Processing, and Products
  • Economics

$500 cost for course (In-State Residents)
$550 cost for course (Out-of-State Residents)

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  • Modality: Self-paced
  • Access: 6 months
  • Starts: Open enrollment

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