Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Science for Medical Devices

This online certificate program at Purdue University focuses on regulatory affairs science for medical devices. It equips professionals with knowledge in regulatory processes, quality systems and compliance strategies for medical device development. The curriculum covers key aspects of regulatory affairs, preparing individuals for roles in ensuring regulatory compliance the medical device field.

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Purdue University’s online Regulatory Affairs Science for Medical Devices certificate program offers a comprehensive education in navigating the medical device industry’s complex regulatory landscape. Tailored for professionals, it covers quality systems, compliance strategies, and regulatory processes.

The flexible online format accommodates working professionals, combining academic rigor with practical insights, ensuring graduates excel in regulatory affairs. Whether entering the field or enhancing expertise, this program is a valuable opportunity for those contributing to safe medical device development.

Most Trusted Public University in the U.S. (Morning Consult, 2022)
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Program Specifics

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Embark on Purdue’s online Regulatory Affairs Science program. Master regulatory processes, quality systems, and compliance for a leading role in medical device development. Elevate your career in healthcare innovation with this prestigious program.

  • Preclinical and Clinical Study Design
  • Regulatory Issues Surrounding Approval of Biomedical Devices
  • Quality Systems for Regulatory Compliance
  • Biostatistics
  • Ethical Engineering of Medical Tech

$1,459 per credit hour (In-State Residents)
$1,139 per credit hour (Out-of-State Residents)

9 Credit Hours Required

Career Outcomes

Unique Job Postings
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Top Job Titles

  • Engineering Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Directors of Engineering
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineering Project Leads

Top Industries

  • Engineering Services
  • Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare and Medical Devices

Source: LightcastTM (2023). Unique job postings for July 2022-2023. Projected growth for years 2023-2033.

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