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The Digital Ready Businesses course provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with basic internet knowledge needed to establish an effective online presence, from website creation through analyzing email reach, in order to better connect with your customers. Now available 100% online, these workshops provide flexibility to learn from anywhere, anytime.

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Once you complete all eight lessons, earn a Digital Ready Certificate to show proficiency with your digital skills and competency for strategy, planning, management and measurement.

You will receive this certificate upon completing the required lessons, successfully passing the quizzes and completing a final project. The final project will reinforce skills learned and provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability and skills in real-world experiences. While completing the final project, you will have direct access to the Digital Ready Businesses team.

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Program Specifics

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Get access to a Digital Ready Business Coach when you purchase all eight lessons as a package bundle. This coach will assist you through the lessons and answer any questions you may have. They will also help connect the coursework and your own business, while also keeping you on track with goal setting exercises.

The lessons are self-paced and students can start at any time. Once started, students have one year to complete the course.

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