About Us

The National and International Scholarships Office (NISO) coordinates Purdue’s campus nominations for 14 prestigious, external awards. NISO is housed in the John Martinson Honors College and is open to every Purdue student. Through workshops and personalized advising, we support emerging scholars as they develop their potential as leaders committed to improving the world we live in. Some benefits of this process include:

  • Recognized awards open doors (and are about more than funding). They can be held by students who have other funding.
  • Special programs are part of many scholarships and include character, service and leadership retreats, speaker events, internships, skills workshops, and many voluntary associations to network with like-minded individuals from all disciplines
  • Get a head start in preparing applications for jobs, internships, research projects, study abroad, graduate education and other scholarship competitions
  • Build relationships with mentors
  • Clarify professional goals
  • Develop appropriate paths for your interests and strengths
  • Receive advice on distinguishing which activities and experiences are most relevant for you

We then guide candidates through the application process for select scholarships and grants. The application process provides long-lasting benefits. You will become more comfortable writing a variety of items, including resumes, personal statements, and project proposals, which will serve you well when applying for graduate school, professional school, or jobs. You may also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals through the application process