Certificate Requirements

Choose from one of the following six work sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Community Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Youth in Development

Complete requirements across four competencies:

Work Sector Training and Hands-on Experience:
  • Three 3-credit courses related to the student’s preferred work sector.
  • 50 hours of related field experience, including internships and volunteer activities.
See Purdue Peace Corps Prep Student Guide for approved majors, courses, and field experiences that apply to each sector
World Language Skills

Choose one:

  • Latin America - Two 200-level Spanish courses
  • Francophone World - Two 200-level courses in any Romance language.
  • Elsewhere - Two 200-level courses in linguistics or any language, including American Sign Language (ASL).
Intercultural Competence
  • One approved core course in diversity and inclusion.
  • Two approved elective courses relating to the intercultural competence required to shift one’s perspective and behavior around relevant cultural differences.
  • One approved immersion experience from short term non-credit to semester abroad options.

For details on specific coursework and immersion options available see sections A & B on pages 13 &14 in the Purdue Peace Corps Prep Student Guide.
Professional and Leadership Development
  • Develop leadership skills through at least one significant leadership experience.
  • Create a professional resume and practice a mock interview.

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