Welcome to the National and International Scholarships Office (NISO)

NISO, which is a part of the Purdue University Honors College, is here for all Purdue students. We assist students and alumni as they apply for highly selective national and international awards. As a part of our mission, we also

  • Coordinate the campus evaluation and selection process for the 14 awards that require a nomination by Purdue.
  • Inform students, faculty and staff about available scholarships and fellowships.
  • Help students find scholarships that match their goals and interests.
  • Guide students through their applications with info sessions, writing workshops, one-on-one meetings, mock interviews and all the details of scholarship competitions.
  • Work with faculty and staff to recommend and refer potential scholars as well as conduct campus reviews and applicant prep.
  • Coordinate Purdue’s Peace Corp Prep certificate program

We encourage you to explore the major scholarships and fellowships NISO coordinates to learn more.

Connect with NISO

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