The Tomcat Environment

The Tomcat environment is a Linux-based system running Tomcat 6.0.23 on Java 1.8. Each developer group is given an independent instance of Tomcat running on the server wherein they can deploy one or more application WAR files without interference from other developer groups. Development, QA, and Production tiers exist and each consists of a single virtual machine. Drivers are provided to connect to standard ITaP Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server databases.

Developers have access to the development server via ssh/SFTP. They may place WAR files in their instance’s webapps directory where they will be automatically deployed (or redeployed if replaced) by Tomcat. WAR files removed from the directory will be automatically undeployed in similar manner. For those cases where the developer needs to restart Tomcat, they have the ability to do so. QA and production servers are not directly accessible to developers. Instead they use the Web Services Deploy Tool to deploy their application WAR file from dev to qa, and from qa to prod.

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