Primary Services

  • Apache
    • The Primary Purdue Web Cluster (PPWC)
    • Load-balanced Linux/Apache/PHP cluster
    • Capable of hosting most web content
  • IIS (and ASP.Net)
    • Load-balanced Windows/IIS/ASP.NET cluster
    • Can host general web content and sites that require ASP.NET
  • Tomcat
    • Non-clustered Linux/Tomcat
    • Hosts Java-based web applications and Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • WordPress
    • Non-clustered Linux/Apache/WordPress (cluster in progress)
    • For use by WordPress sites only
  • WebMetrix
    • Web log analytics of all hosted sites and applications

Secondary Services

  • Dedicated/Departmental Hosting
    • Available if our primary services won’t meet your needs
    • Various platforms and levels of support available
    • Please contact us for more information
    • Please contact Service Management to get started with dedicated hosting