Web Services primarily offers shared web hosting environments to the Purdue University community for academic or University business purposes as well as tools for managing sites in our hosting environments. We can also set up dedicated hosting environments where needed. Beyond services we provide directly, we also integrate our hosting environments with services provided by other groups on campus, such as content management systems.

Primary Services

Web Hosting

  • Apache HTTPD
    • The Primary Purdue Web Cluster (PPWC)
    • Load-balanced Linux/Apache/PHP cluster
    • Capable of hosting most web content
  • IIS/ASP.Net
    • Load-balanced Windows/IIS/ASP.NET cluster
    • Can host general web content and sites that require ASP.NET
  • Tomcat
    • Non-clustered Linux/Tomcat
    • Hosts Java-based web applications and Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • WordPress
    • Load-balanced Linux/Apache/WordPress
    • For use by WordPress sites only

Support Tools

  • Deploy
    • Allows developers to promote content from Development to QA and Production tiers in a reliable, secure way
    • Provides reliable replication of site content to all members of a load-balanced cluster
  • Webmetrix
    • Web log analytics of all hosted sites and applications
    • Automatically available for all sites we host, no request needed

Secondary Services

  • Dedicated/Departmental Hosting
    • Available if our primary services won’t meet your needs
    • Various platforms and levels of support available
    • Please contact us for more information

Related Services Provided by Other Groups

  • Cascade
    • Enterprise, back-end content management system (CMS)
    • Capable of publishing to our Apache HTTPD and IIS/ASP.NET environments as well as any other web hosting that supports SFTP publishing.