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The deploy tool, developers have the ability to move files at any level. With the ability to decide what to deploy, developers can choose to deploy an entire directory or just a single file. This way if another developer is working on some content and is not finished testing, that content does not have to be deployed to the QA server. Also, when you deploy, the tool figures out what files have been changed and just pushes those files.

With the deploy tool and the QA server, developers are able to test their work without the fear of unfinished content being pushed into production. The deploy tool allows for one developer to push their content without another’s work being deployed, then test in the QA environment to see how it will integrate into the new website, and then deploy to production with the knowledge that there is no beta code that will be on the web.

Steps to Deploy from Development to Production

  1. Development (Testing for all developers)
    1. Move to QA only what you are working on with the new deploy tool
  2. QA (Testing in a clean environment with only the code that will be in production)
  3. Production
  4. Deploy the finished product and repeat.

Benefits of the environment and server roles

  • Development Server
    • Testing environment for all developers of a site.
  • QA Server
    • Provides a testing environment that closely resembles production.
    • Allows for continual development and testing because of the ability to deploy specific folders and sites.
    • Provides a testing platform with only your changes in order to see how they integrate with the previous production site.
  • Production
    • Allow your content to be seen by everyone with permission to your site on the world wide web.

How to deploy Content

  1. Go to
  2. Click the button “Get Started”
  3. Login with your Carrier Account and Password
  4. Under “Deploy to Website” Select the site that you wish to deploy content. For Example if you wanted to deploy content from DEV to QA for you would select “”
  5. The next steps depend on which Option View you are on
    1. Simple Options
      1. Click Deploy.
      2. Confirm the information is correct.
      3. Click Confirm
    2. Advanced Options
      1. Under “Browse your site for file(s) to deploy:” Select a directory or page you wish to deploy.
      2. Click the arrow pointing to the “These directories/files will be deployed:” box.
      3. Click Deploy.
      4. Confirm the information is correct.
      5. Click Confirm