The Shared ASP.Net Environment

The Shared ASP.Net environment is a Windows 2008R2 system running IIS 7.5 with ASP.Net 4.0. The QA and Production environments are clustered to minimize downtime’s. The QA (quality assurance) environments are available to facilitate testing of site changes before they are migrated to production. There is a web-based deploy tool to provide more flexibility and control (you can easily deploy a partial site if you choose) as well as immediate feedback (your site is fully deployed before your web browser shows you a status page.)

Benefits of the Shared ASP.Net Environment

  • flexible web-based deploy tool
  • “QA” tier to to mimic  production environment for testing
  • clustered production and QA environments

How do I get a site on the Shared ASP.Net Environment?

Visit the Getting Started page.

New to the Shared ASP.Net Environment?

Visit the Shared ASP.NET Welcome Page.

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