Getting Started

  • How do we get a web site on an ITaP web server?

    Contact us by email with the type of hosting that you need, the URL desired (with at least one backup should your preferred URL not be available), and a list of at least two developers that will be given access to edit and deploy the new web site, as well as any other special requests or details you think relevant.

  • How do I get development access for a non-Purdue web developer?

    Your department can request an individual career account for someone outside the university by filling out the Request for Privileges Form. When their account has been created, please notify so we can set them up with permission to edit your site.

  • I need a data source created on the web server, what database environments do you allow access to?

    We allow access to the following database types:

    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • MS SQL


    We do not allow the following database types:

    • MS Access
    • Databases stored locally on the Web Server

    For more information, please view our database standard.