ITaP Web Services hosts a shared WordPress environment available to Purdue users for academic or University business purposes. WordPress offers site developers a streamlined way to create and easily maintain certain types of web sites, such as blogs and information portals.

The Environment

This shared WordPress environment is Linux-based running Apache HTTPD with PHP, and is separate from the PPWC. Each WordPress site in the environment has a Development/Test version and a Production version. ITaP Web Services handles the installation and maintenance of WordPress itself and all supported plugins and themes, including requesting and setting up the required MySQL databases.

To allow the creation and maintenance of custom or purchased plugins and themes, SFTP access is available to the Development version of each WordPress site if needed, and access to Deploy is available to push file changes made in Development to Production. New plugins and themes, regardless of their source, must first be vetted by ITaP Web Services to adhere to security and functionality requirements before installation.

Benefits of ITaP Shared WordPress Hosting

  • We take care of the initial WordPress Installation, database setup, WordPress updates, and server maintenance
  • Development tier allows sites to be created, risky changes tested, and sites to be redesigned without impacting visitors to your production site
  • Easy to use, web-based deployment tool allows plugin and theme customizations to be tested in Development and easily deployed to Production without impacting visitors

New to WordPress?

If you are ready to get started with a new WordPress site, contact us at itap-webadmin@purdue.edu to request one. See the WordPress Frequently Asked Questions for the information we’ll need to create a site as well as requirements for importing a WordPress site created elsewhere.

If you already have your new WordPress site and aren’t sure where to begin, see our WordPress getting started page.

Other Questions?

See the WordPress FAQ for answers to other questions and more details on topics discussed above. You can also check the WordPress getting started and How-To’s pages for help building, customizing, testing, and deploying your site.

If you have a question that isn’t answered by the FAQ, getting started, or How-To’s pages, need a plugin or theme installed, want to request a configuration change, or are having issues with your WordPress site, contact us at itap-webadmin@purdue.edu.