Service Description

Webmetrix is the local name for server-side web analytics. Web Services processes the server access logs for all sites on all tiers on all servers that we host, generating data about:

  • What pages on each site were accessed
  • Where those accesses came from (based on IP addresses)
  • How long a visitor appeared to remain on the site
  • What files (other than pages) were downloaded

This information complements client-side analytics such as those from Google Analytics as they each look at the picture from different points of view. Web Services’ Webmetrix service looks at things from the server perspective while Google Analytics looks at them from the client perspective. Together, they form a more complete picture of the underlying data.

Web Services’ Webmetrix service only processes log data for sites that we host. We cannot ingest logs from other entities.

The Webmetrix service is available for viewing by all Faculty and Staff, but is limited to being viewed from the Purdue University campuses or the campus VPN.

Getting Started

All sites maintained by Web Services are added to Webmetrix. Logs are processed nightly, though typically with a one or two day delay (to allow old logs to close properly). Access is available to all Faculty and Staff by default. Access for student employees or external contract employees may be requested by contacting Web Services to open a ticket. The person to be granted access must have a Purdue Career Account.

Accessing the Service

The Webmetrix service is accessed through a standard web browser at the following link:

When you first connect, you will be asked to login (by your browser) with your Purdue Career Account credentials. You are then presented with a login to the Angelfish Web Analytics system. For this login, please use the following credentials:

  • Username: guest
  • Password: boilerup

User Resources

Local Resources

Remote Resources

Getting Help

If you have questions about it or run into a problem that is not answered here, please contact Web Services to open a ticket and we will do our best to guide you.

Service Specifications

Software Versions

The Webmetrix service is provided on an Oracle Enterprise Linux v7 platform with:

  • Apache HTTPD 2.4.6 (latest provided by Oracle)
  • Angelfish Web Analytics 2.33

Server Specifications

The Webmetrix service runs on a single physical system with:

  • 32 CPUs
  • 256G RAM
  • 4.2T of solid state disk for log processing

Despite the apparent power of the machine, please be aware that generating reports for long time ranges can still take excessive time and your browser may time out before the server completes. Be aware that when this happens, the server is still busy generating the requested report so any subsequent requests may take longer or just make the situation worse. Please be kind.