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Tools and Services for Teaching

Learning Management System (LMS)

Lecture Capture and Delivery

  • (Preferred) Kaltura Capture: Kaltura Personal Capture offers users the ability to capture both screen and camera in just one click. Kaltura Capture is the preferred way to narrate PowerPoint lectures (voice over PowerPoint). You can use Kaltura Capture to record a PowerPoint presentation on your computer’s screen and automatically upload it into MediaSpace to quickly insert the lecture into your course.
  • Camtasia: A powerful video editor and screen capture tool.
  • BoilerCast: * BoilerCast lecture capture service can record visuals and audio in classrooms. When uploaded to your LMS, students can watch any time they need to review your lecture. It is available in all centrally scheduled classrooms on the West Lafayette campus and can be set to record your classes automatically on request.
  • Video Express: * A series of self-service video recording sites on the West Lafayette campus that allow faculty to easily record high-quality video that can include PowerPoints, screen captures, and more, into the final videos.
  • (Preferred) Kaltura Mediaspace (video hosting and upload): Allows for faculty to upload and distribute videos that can be viewed by students on a variety of platforms.

Course Communication and Discussion

  • Brightspace discussion boards: Forums created within your course that allow students to participate in asynchronous conversations. These discussion boards can also be assessed.
  • Course Announcements and email list: Create automatically curated mail lists that allow instructors to send messages to all students in a class.

Quizzes and Exams

  • Brightspace Tests: Testing utility within the learning management system (LMS). Allows for multiple choice, true/false, matching, essay, and arithmetic/formula question types. Tests in the LMS can be scheduled and timed.

Assessment Submission

  • Brightspace Assignments: Assignment submission folders that can be created to allow students to submit electronic files directly to the course site. Most file types are accepted. Instructors can assess document files directly in the LMS and can offer immediate feedback.
  • Gradescope: An online grading tool for scanned, pen-and-paper, free-response assessments. This tool supports workflows for both individual student assignment (homework) and instructor upload of assessments (exams). Click through the links below for Gradescope tutorials created and shared by Dr. Charles A. Bouman, Jr., the Showalter Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Greg Buzzard, Professor and Head of Mathematics at Purdue University.

Peer Review

  • Circuit: Peer review tool that allows students to review rich text (including LaTeX math formulas), URL submissions, video, and most document formats using rubrics, scores, calibrations, or a combination of items.

Academic Integrity

  • (Preferred) Respondus Lockdown Browser: A specialized Web browser that secures a student's computer by preventing access to other browsers, chat programs, and other applications during an online exam. Respondus has significant caveats, please read the statement below.
  • (Preferred) Respondus Monitor (requires Lockdown Browser): An instructor-enabled feature of Respondus Lockdown Browser, which uses the students’ webcams to record video and audio of the exam environment. It also records the students’ computer screens. Instructors can view these recordings after the exam session is over. Respondus has significant caveats, please read the statement below.


  • (Preferred) WebEx: A web conferencing tool that may be used for instruction and collaboration. It is not recommended to use WebEx for synchronous class meetings or lecture delivery. WebEx works best with a headset and requires a microphone.

* Items requiring on-campus presence.

Contact Us

contact_supportFor questions about teaching remotely or Purdue-supported technologies tied to your course, email

contact_supportContact ITaP Tech Support ( if you have issues with: Logging in to Brightspace or WebEx; accessing BoilerKey or email; or to address phishing questions. Tech Support is also still available by phone 765-494-4000.

contact_supportStudents should direct questions about your course to your Purdue email. They may also reach their academic advisor through BoilerConnect, or go to the updated Academic Advising Remotely webpage.