Non-degree seeking international students and scholars generally stay off campus. Many find it to be easier and more comfortable to stay in West Lafayette rather than across the river in Lafayette, due to the convenience of being closer to campus. You would need to find an apartment or townhome for leasing (longer period, beyond three months) or a sublet (shorter period, where you essentially rent from a tenant while he/she is away for a certain period of time), depending on your needs. Most rentals are leased as unfurnished units, but you can always rent furniture from the agency or buy basic used furniture from the Purdue Surplus store for a reasonable price.

Compared to many other American cities, rent in Lafayette is considered to be very affordable. As of 2022, rent may be as low as $400 a month for one-bedroom in a 3-bedroom apartment, and could go as high as $800 for one bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment. The price primarily depends on the distance from campus, and amenities provided by the landlord. Town homes may be a bit more expensive but are often shared by four students. (All prices expressed are per person, per month).

Whether you are renting or subletting, you will be required to sign a contract/lease prior to moving in; normally all individuals residing in the unit will need to be mentioned in and sign this contract/lease. For short-term visitors, it is easier to sublease an apartment as most contracts are a yearlong and are not offered for shorter durations.

While signing a lease, you will be asked to submit a scanned copy of your Passport. Standard practice in the US is for landlords to require you to pay the first month’s rent and a security deposit that is usually equivalent to a month’s rent. You can find listings for housing at Boiler Apartments and call them directly regarding rates. 

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Video by student Parth Vijayvergiya - Off Campus Housing Guide:

Hotels and temporary living accommodations in the area

Union Club Hotel
Hampton Inn and Suites
Hilton Garden Inn