Food & Supplies

Walmart is preferred by many residents and students to purchase groceries, home supplies, personal items, hardware, and more. Meijer, Payless, and Target are similar retail giants that operate in West Lafayette. All the three retail chains are equidistant from campus; you could either take a bus or split a cab/Uber with a fellow student. For electronics, it is recommended that you check either Best Buy or Deals2buy to avail the best discounts.

There are a few Indian restaurants in town. For a quick bite, there are at least three locations near campus for Indian food and a few in the Greater Lafayette area as well. The most common ones are: DAKSHIN, Sharma’s Kitchen & Taste of India.

Indian food supplies: LA Village Food Mart and Baklava Plus are stores in the Chauncey village area where you can find a variety of Indian food supplies. Indian & International Grocery is a store outside of campus in the West Lafayette commercial district.

If you are looking for American cuisine or snacks, there are several options at Purdue. Several buildings around campus have small cafes in them. Purdue Memorial Union has an assortment of bistros and fast-food restaurants on the bottom level and even fine dining (upstairs in the Sagamore Room)! Purdue has a strong hospitality management program and students gain experience working in the café, bistro and restaurant located in Marriott Hall—another great place for a coffee or meal. From time to time, the local community conducts picnics and dinner parties, on campus, which is a great way to learn about the food and culture of the United States.

Video by Indian student Parth Vijayvergiya - “Food prices at American Supermarket:”