Alumni Gallery

Indian alumni of Purdue include founders, chairmen and leaders of pharmaceutical firms, automotive manufacturers, IT companies and financial institutions; a Bharat Ratna award winner; a member of the Parliament of India; world-leading faculty members; and more. Check out a few of their profiles below.

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Photo of Ashish Vikram

Ashish Vikram

Masters in Computer Science - 1989 | VideoKen - CTO
Purdue gave me a strong foundation of computer science and engineering along with problem solving skills which I use in my job even 28 years after graduation.
Photo of Fahad Janvekar

Fahad Janvekar

Bachelor of Arts - 2007 | NJM Productions - Partner
Having someone believing in you, encouraging you, and validating your capabilities was extremely important - the faculty in College of Liberal Arts did that for me with aplomb. I have had a variety of teachers in life - professors and mentors from Purdue who became close friends, with whom I communicate on a regular basis. It's wonderful!
Photo of Rudra Shriram

Rudra Shriram

Bachelors in Economics - 2013 | DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. - Promoter
Purdue's robust active global alumni family and continuing connection with faculty have immensely supported my cause to grow as an analytical thinker. My time at Purdue taught me how to put my head down and grind till I achieve whatever it is I set out to pursue.
Photo of Rupinder Goel

Rupinder Goel

Masters of Business Administration - 2004 | Tata Communications - Global CIO
Purdue experience expanded my thought horizon and gave me direction, which propelled my career path towards leadership at a very early phase. It exponentially increased my ability to learn and contribute back to society.
Photo of Ritu Nanda

Ritu Nanda

Masters in Animal Sciences - 1985 | Alok Nanda & Co. - Director & Founding Partner
My education at Purdue was specialized, yet broad based enough to contribute to my career in advertising and communication design. My experience at Purdue transformed me as a person. I made friends of diverse backgrounds and worked in areas I couldn’t have dreamed of.
Photo of Rohan Chandrashekhar

Rohan Chandrashekhar

Bachelors in Computer Engineering - 2008 | BUZZVALVE - Founder and CEO
From managing diverse projects, to serving a demanding client base, to working collaboratively with talented people - every explicit and subtle task that I'm expected to do within the confines of my business today draws on specific skills that I acquired during my time at Purdue. I'm eternally grateful and thankful for that!
Photo of Avinash Thawani

Avinash Thawani

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering - 2010 | Petasense - Analyst
Enrolling for the undergraduate program at Purdue was the life changing moment. Life has never looked backed thereafter. The faculty were sincerely concerned about my learning. The curriculum consist of theory and sufficient job oriented hands-on/practical sessions. Thanks to Purdue, today I am a successful.
Photo of Karan Chadha

Karan Chadha

Masters of Business Administration - 2003 | Accenture Strategy - Principal
At Purdue, I developed a rigorous, scientific method of evaluating issues which helped me build a strong base that has held me in good stead through my career. I also appreciated the diversity of the student base. I have never felt out of place working with people from different backgrounds, which goes back to the experience I had at Purdue.
Photo of Vindhya Tumati

Vindhya Tumati

Bachelors in Industrial Engineering - 2013 | Roma Builders - COO
Besides giving me the most rewarding 4 years of my life, Purdue has played a tremendous role in transforming me into the person and leader that I am today-someone with a strong desire to learn and grow everyday, an ability to lead diverse teams and challenging situations with ease and the confidence to build strong professional networks.
Photo of Renu Lata Rajani

Renu Lata Rajani

Masters in Industrial Administration - 1996 | Infosys - Vice President
The MSIA program at Krannert's Graduate School of Management at Purdue provided me a well-rounded global outlook on business. The program had a great mix of experienced colleagues from around the world, and provided an excellent setting to enter into a global leadership career in MNCs.
Photo of Bimal Shah

Bimal Shah

Bachelors in Computer Science - 2002 | Fine Organic Industries - VP - Projects
My degree at Purdue gave me the skills necessary to perform in a cross-cultural and cross-functional organization. It also gave me an opportunity to develop a network of like-minded friends across industries and spanning the world.
Photo of Nandu Ramani

Nandu Ramani

MS, Computer Science & Industrial Eng. - 1998 | Uber Technologies - Engineering Director
Purdue exposed me to different cultures and helped me broaden my perspective around technology and leadership.
Photo of Sean Simoes

Sean Simoes

Masters of Business Administration - 2004 | Benninger India Pvt. Ltd. - Managing Director
At Purdue, I gained a solid understanding of Finance even though my focus areas were Marketing and Manufacturing/ Technology Management. I will always remember my first module team that consisted of an American accountant, an American design engineer, a Korean economist and an Indian Sales Engineer (me). Diversity!
Photo of Ram Raghuraman

Ram Raghuraman

Masters of Business Administration - 2008 | BCube Global Solutions - Founder & Principal
Choosing to go to Purdue for my MBA has been one of the most rewarding decisions in my life. The diverse class helped me understand and appreciate various world cultures better. At Purdue, the academic rigor, competitive classmates and helpful/knowledgeable professors prepare you for everything your professional life can throw at you....and more!
Photo of Arpit Badjatya

Arpit Badjatya

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering - 2004 | Serosoft Solutions Pvt Ltd - Founder and CEO
My Purdue experience, and not just the degree, has shaped me and my personality in a substantive way. The academic rigour, the gamut of activities on campus, the diverse student body, not to mention the campus friendships I made have helped me evolve as a truly world-ready professional, and paved the way for my success as an entrepreneur.
Photo of Harish Lakshman

Harish Lakshman

Masters in Management - 1997 | Rane Group - Vice Chairman

Purdue prepared me to be a leader in an ever increasing global business.

Photo of Parasuram Balasubramanian

Parasuram Balasubramanian

PhD in Industrial Engineering - 1977 | Theme Work Analytics - Founder and CEO
Purdue broadened my vision and thought horizon. It helped me to become an entrepreneur who is entrusted with opening up new markets, designing new products and starting new services or divisions wherever I have worked. It enabled me to accept, thrive and foster in multi-cultural settings.
Photo of Manish Gupte

Manish Gupte

PhD in Economics, MS in Economics - 2009 | Mechanism Analytics - Founder
Focusing on intuition and clean evidence, which is how Purdue taught me, helps me every day in data science. At the end of the day it comes down to "if the work is done right it actually improves profits".
Photo of G.V. Sanjay Reddy

G.V. Sanjay Reddy

Bachelors in Industrial Engineering - 1987 | GVK - Vice Chairman
My experience at Purdue has impacted me in many ways. On a personal level, it was my first experience outside India, where it helped me to become independent and confident. Professionally, the engineering and analytical training has given me the knowledge and the strength to take on extremely challenging infrastructure projects in India.
Photo of Venu Srinivasan

Venu Srinivasan

Masters in Management & Honorary PhD - 1977 | TVS Motor Company Ltd. - Chairman & MD
Purdue gave me the opportunity to hone my character, gain academic knowledge, understand the importance of complementing competitiveness with compassion and to acknowledge the vital role of leadership to support, nurture, develop and sustain an ecosystem where excellence is the norm.
Photo of Shweta Gupte

Shweta Gupte

MS, Elect. & Comp. Eng. and Psych. Sc. - 2014 | Founder of the start-up Particle and IBDP - Computer Science Teacher
Purdue taught me critical thinking and research skills.
Photo of Ajay Jaysinh Mariwala

Ajay Jaysinh Mariwala

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering - 1986 | VKL Seasoning Pvt. Ltd. - Managing Director
Purdue taught me that through a methodical analytical approach there is no problem that can't be solved. No challenge that can't be overcome.
Photo of Venu Gorti

Venu Gorti

MS Mechanical Engineering - 2004 | Cogitaas - Co-founder and EVP
Purdue taught me the highest standards of excellence and trained me with the qualities of a good researcher. It also empowered me with self confidence.