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Remote Work Guidelines

Flexible, Hybrid or Remote Work Arrangements

Workplace flexibility and remote work allows Purdue University the unique opportunity to meet business needs while increasing the ability to attract and retain the most qualified talent. These guidelines are intended to provide best practices to help give guidance for navigating remote work at Purdue University. 

Remote or hybrid positions are normally decided prior to hiring. However, if an employee is considering flexible work arrangements, or the opportunity to transition the on-campus position to a hybrid or remote work arrangement, the following process must be followed. 

Virtual Meeting Professional Standards

Video Call Best Practices

  • Designated Workspace. Having a designated workspace is important so that you avoid distractions or interruptions.  An office, spare room or guest bedroom may work well and give you the privacy needed with your daily duties.
  • Equipment usage. Confirm that your equipment, such as your camera, is working properly before the meeting. Have a backup plan in the event equipment is not functioning properly.
  • Camera Usage. To stay interactive and engaged, it’s best for employees to keep their computer camera on during all online meetings, training's, and other virtual activities where bandwidth is available. Make sure you know how to turn on your computer’s camera and microphone before your meetings.
  • Background. Always preview your background. If your background has anything that may offend someone, use the blurred feature or choose a virtual background. Consider using one of Purdue's virtual backgrounds.
  • Dress Code. Dressing casually is an advantage with working from home but getting up and ready each morning is a daily ritual that helps remote workers stay engaged. You should dress appropriately for your audience when you are on camera.
  • Microphones. Mute your computer or microphone when not speaking. This helps reduce echoing or other background noise. Don't talk over others while in meetings.

Work Schedules and Family Care

Work Schedule  

Supervisors should discuss and determine working hours with the employee and come to an agreement if hours differ from the department’s normal business hours. The amount of time an employee is expected to work will not change due to participation in a remote work agreement. Procedures for overtime are the same as on-campus positions. Remote and on-campus employees are subject to the same policies and procedures. 

  • Understand timekeeping and time off processes
  • Discuss timing and expectations with employee for email, voicemail, Teams, and other forms of messaging
  • Expectation is employees will only work for Purdue during their scheduled work hours and not simultaneously for another employer.

Family Care  

While Purdue recognizes the care of family is a priority, remote work is not a substitute for family caregiving. To create an environment conducive to successful work, remote/hybrid employees must make appropriate arrangements for care. Review our Caregiver Resources web page.

Traveling to Campus

For remote positions, attendance at campus functions should be discussed during the interview process and are often documented in the offer letter. Reference the Remote Work Reimbursement Regulation section of the Travel Website for additional information.