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Workplace Flexibility and Remote Work Guidelines

We know that flexible work arrangements —which allow for variations in when, how long or where you work, including working remotely — can make it easier to do your best work while still meeting Purdue’s business needs. Right now, we’re asking a third of our administrative staff to work remotely in efforts to de-densify our campus and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Supervisors and employees work together to assess flexible workplace options, manage workload and set expectations, as well as maintain communications, whether the employee is working from home or utilizing another flexible arrangement.

Use the links on this page to learn about assessing your options for remote or flexible work, understand the responsibilities associated with working remotely, review the remote worker toolkit or access the manager guide.

Flexible / Remote Work Request
Section includes:
  •  Assessing if remote work is suitable
  • DocuSign Request to work remotely
Responsibilities and Expectations
Section provides:
  • Data access and security
  • Equipment moved off-campus tracking
  • Best practices working remotely 
Remote Worker Toolkit
Toolkit includes:
  • IT equipment processes
  • Ergonomic resource and example home office
  • Best practices
Manager Toolkit
Toolkit includes:
  • Leading individuals
  • Leading teams
  • Driving results
  • Printable resources