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Supervisor Resources

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving Webclock/timesheets. They are responsible for reviewing correct work schedule and time profile with their Employment or Payroll Center, who can edit as needed. They should communicate timekeeping method and work schedule to the employee.

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Timekeeping and Approval Process:

  • Employees should complete timesheets/Webclock changes by the Monday following the end of each pay period.
  • Supervisor approval is required by 10:00 PM Monday. The Biweekly Calendar of Paydates from the Payroll Calendar webpage outlines pay periods, pay dates and time approval completion dates.
  • Employees and supervisors can edit current time and timesheets two pay periods back, view detailed process. Supervisors and employees can email with time-related troubleshooting, questions or issues. Supervisors and employees can contact their college or school Employment/Payroll center for work schedule and time profile changes.

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