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Other Pay Issues

Back-Pay and Settlement 

The local payroll center, HR-business partner and area management will review back-pay or settlement situations. The local payroll center and/or HR-business partner review detailed information with HR-payroll and benefits (when applicable) and submit a payroll action. When possible, the action is included with the next payroll process and included in the employee’s direct deposit payroll check. 

Court-Order Procedures 

Payroll Deductions 

Bankruptcy, Child Support, Garnishment and Tax Levy Orders 

It is the policy of Purdue University to comply with the Federal law and the Indiana law as it relates to the order of the employee’s salaries and wages. 

  • The University will act on all orders issued only by a court of law. 
  • An employee will not be discharged on the grounds that his/her wages are subject to court orders. 


  • When a department, office or official receives an inquiry or receives a court order, it should be sent immediately to HR-Payroll. 
  • HR-Payroll will send a letter and a copy of the order to the employee before deductions begin.