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Wage Overpayment

Occasionally, errors can lead to overpayments being made to the biweekly or monthly wages of employees. Repayment of all wage overpayments will be pursued and repayment is expected in full.  The Comptroller is the authorizing individual to make any final decision should repayment be less than the full amount.  Federal law treats wage overpayments the same as any other wages the employee might have received.   

Identifying an overpayment 

Overpayments can be identified by the employee, their local Employment Center. Once identified, it is important to immediately repay it or follow a repayment plan. 

Verification and Calculations 

The local Employment Center will review all pay-related information triggering the overpayment. Employment Center can provide a “was paid/should have been paid” worksheet. 

Repayment Plans 

The Employment Center and employee will review available options for repayment and determine the best plan. Please access DocuSign, search the Shared Folders for Overpayment under Templates, in order to initiate the Agreement Form. Follow the DocuSign - Sending a Template quick reference guide to learn how to access the appropriate template, route for approval and monitor status of the form. The Employment Center attaches form to the Overpayment SharePoint site for Employment Center processing. The Employment Center can provide the employee with the Overpayment – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) handout when further information is needed.  These important steps are included in the Overpayment Recovery process.

  1. Complete a payroll deduction agreement. An employee agrees to reduction in future paychecks in order for Purdue to recover the overpayment.
  2. Receive a bill through URCO. They can create payment plans outside of payroll. They can also process a credit card payment.

Process repayment plan 

The local Employment Center will inform HR-payroll of the agreed repayment plan. Employment Center will track the repayment plan until completed. They are responsible to account for the repayment and distribute the funds properly.