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Hiring Supervisor Frequently Asked Questions

Hires without Offer Letters Questions

Please Contact your local Employment (Payroll) Center and complete the request. Most of them have a form on their website you can complete.

No. It is a best practice for ALL new hires to complete the Form I-9 by the date of hire to avoid disruption.

No. When you offer the position to them and are discussing the best hire date, you can simply say "Federal law requires that all new employees provide proof of their identity and verification of their employment eligibility within three business days of hiring. Will you be able to provide acceptable documents (from the list of acceptable documents) by your start date?"

Welcome Email Questions

Contact your local Employment (Payroll) Center and they can assist.


Termination Questions

Both you and the employee will receive an email notifying you of the termination from your local Employment (Payroll) Center.

Yes. They can report their hours to thier local Employment (Payroll) Center who will work directly with Central Payroll for payment. Contact your local Employment (Payroll) Center for furhter directions. They will need to complete the New Hire Wizard in order to get paid.

No. The new hire cannot work for the University until proper documentation is provided.

Rehire Questions

A terminated new hire can be rehired for the same position. Their new ‘hire’ date must be at least two business days from their termination date. If they are terminated twice, due to non-compliance, they are ineligible for employment for six months.

  • If the hiring process was orignally processed through SuccessFactors, you must provide the requisition number, employee information, new hire start date, etc. to your Employment (Payroll) Center so they can work with Talent Acquisition recreating the file. If their new ‘hire’ date is beyond 30 days of the original hire date, they must reapply for the position and the hiring process starts over.
  • If the hiring process was initatied by the Employement (Payroll) Center by completing a form - please complete the form again.

Contact your local Employment (Payroll) Center and complete the appropriate request. They will need the information again to start the process. Please use a reasonable rehire date to give both the center and new hire time to complete the Form I-9. New hire should not start working until they competed the Form I-9.