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Unit Leader Calibration Sessions

What is the purpose of a unit calibration session?

To provide senior leadership with unit wide annual review data synthesizing critical workforce performance trends. Senior leadership will use this data to track compliance with annual review standards, guide merit planning, and to solidify workforce development strategies with special attention given to the top performers and lowest contributors.

When will calibration activities occur?

Between April 10, 2023 and April 29, 2023.

What steps are involved in a calibration session?

Calibration sessions can occur in many different formats. Listed below are essential calibration steps:

Step 1: HR Business Partner shares review data with the senior leadership team
Step 2: Leaders identify key data trends in collaboration with the HR Business Partner
Step 3: Senior leaders initiate actions within the unit to:

  • Address annual review compliance and data trend issues
  • Discuss talent development strategies for top performers and lowest contributors
  • Discuss data trends and the potential merit compensation impact
Who can answer unit calibration questions?

Contact your HR Business Partner or forward questions to

Questions? Email