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Assess Annual Performance

Each staff member receives an annual review in SuccessFactors. Annual performance is assessed against position specific goals and three University-wide competencies (overall job performance, professional/career development, and culture and values). Supervisors have an additional competency called supervision.

The employee’s self-assessment empowers each staff member to provide input prior to the supervisor’s assessment. Staff will share ratings and comments for each goal and competency. The supervisor’s assessment captures the staff member’s contributions and accomplishments throughout the performance period, recording both ratings and comments. The staff member, supervisor, and all management within the employee’s chain of leadership will have access to view the completed annual assessment.        

Top Tips

  • View the SuccessFactors tutorial videos for detailed step-by-step guidance.
  • When completing the employee self-assessment and/or supervisor’s assessment steps, be sure to follow the Annual Review Three-Step Process:
    • Reflect on goal/overall job accomplishments and document work examples.
    • Start each rating exercise at meets expectations. Use work examples as justifications to either increase or lower the rating.
    • Provide comments for each rating. Reference work examples to help provide justification for each rating.


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