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Graduate Staff Medical Insurance


Those employed in a graduate staff position(s) which carries a minimum of 0.50 FTE/half time/20 hours per week or more or a graduate student with a fellowship administered as an assistantship on the West Lafayette campus are eligible for the partially funded graduate staff medical insurance plan. The following information assumes you will enroll in the graduate staff medical insurance plan (not the domestic or international student medical insurance plan).


Click here for the open enrollment page.

Enrollment into the graduate staff medical plan is done through the Academic HealthPlans (AHP) Portal.  You may need to register for an AHP account using your Purdue student ID.  If you are planning to cover one or more dependents, please review the Graduate Staff and Student Benefits Comparison for guidance on selecting a medical plan.  Opting into the graduate staff medical plan will automatically enroll you in the graduate staff vision plan through VSP.



Purdue University requires all international students to participate in a University-sponsored medical insurance plan or to obtain an approved waiver of coverage. Additionally, failure to enroll or obtain an approved waiver may negatively impact your legal status per federal immigration regulations. To review the criteria for eligibility and apply for a waiver, please visit

If you do not enroll in the graduate staff medical plan by the enrollment deadline, Purdue University will place a hold on your academic record which affects your ability to register for classes, obtain transcripts or graduate.  You must then contact the Student Insurance Office in PUSH, to enroll in the International Student Medical & Dental Insurance plan and pay a $200 late enrollment fee before the hold can be removed. You will not be able to enroll in graduate staff benefits again until the following plan year without a qualifying life event.

If you do not have a valid Social Security Number, please apply for it right away.  You are not required to have one before enrolling in the graduate staff medical plan, but you will need to give it to your business office to update your employment record as soon as you get it.


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