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Changing Benefits due to a Qualifying Life Event - Graduate Staff

Typically, once you have made your benefit elections during the annual open enrollment period or when you've become newly eligible for benefits (e.g., newly hired), you may not make changes to them again until the following open enrollment period; however, certain qualifying life events (QLE) recognized by the IRS can make you eligible for a special enrollment period. With supporting documentation, you may make certain changes mid-year to your plan, including:

  • Add/Enroll
    • QLE: Involuntary loss of coverage (e.g., aging off of a parent's plan)
  • Drop
    • QLE: Gaining coverage under another plan, leaving the US
  • Add Dependents
    • QLE: Marriage, birth or adoption, arrival of family members to the US
  • Drop Dependents
    • QLE: Divorce, death, departure of family members from the US

Required supporting documentation includes proof of the QLE and proof of dependent relationship (if covering new dependents). Examples: Proof of loss/gain of coverage, proof of arrival/departure of family members to the US, marriage certificate or divorce decree, birth/naturalization/adoption certificate, tax return for prior or current year (verifies dependent relationship to student).

In order to make these changes, you must report/register your QLE, complete your changes and submit your documentation within 31 days of the QLE. (Ex - You turn 26 on July 17, so your eligibility as a dependent on your parent's plan goes away effective Aug 1 – that is your first day without benefits under your parent's plan and the date of your QLE: Involuntary loss of coverage).

Graduate Staff Medical and Dental Changes

To enroll in or request changes to the graduate staff medical or dental insurance when you have a QLE, please visit the Academic HealthPlans (AHP) Portal for graduate staff and click "I need to change/continue coverage".

Graduate Staff Voluntary Benefits Changes

To enroll in or request changes to voluntary benefit elections when you have a QLE, sign in to Benefitfocus, Purdue's online benefits system.


  1. To enroll, go to the OneCampus Portal and click the Benefitfocus link (shown below)

    Benefits Enrollment Active badge

  2. Log in with your Purdue career account username and BoilerKey information.BoilerKey is required for system access including the Benefitfocus enrollment portal. For information and instructions, view the Purdue BoilerKey: FAQ web page

  3. Once logged in, you will see a personalized welcome page. To begin the Life Event process, click on “Life Change” from the menu on the left and follow the steps to complete.