Gradute Staff Dental Insurance

Graduate staff employed 0.50 FTE/half time/20 hours or more and graduate students with fellowships administered as assistantships are eligible to participate in the dental insurance program with their dependents.

Dependents include your legal spouse and/or dependent children (until the end of the month in which the children reach their 26th birthday).

Dental Insurance Annual Premiums for 2019-2020

Amounts below are annual and rounded to the nearest dollar.

 Delta Dental PPO Point of Service Plan
Option 1 Group #5186
Delta Dental PPO Standard Plan
Option 2 Group#9824

EE only $248 $147
EE & spouse $502 $298
EE & child(ren) $648 $389
EE, spouse & child(ren) $979 $587

Any deductible or plan limits associated with your plan are tracked on an academic-year basis.

The Point-of-Service plan provides the most cost-effective benefits for diagnostic and preventive services and a schedule of treatment for restorative work if the Delta Dental PPO network is used. Services provided by non-PPO dentists are reimbursed at a reduced percentage.

The Standard plan provides benefits for diagnostic and preventive services and basic treatments ONLY when a Delta Dental PPO network dentist provides the care.


Dental plans are administered on the academic year and premiums are taken from your pay before taxes are calculated.

Elections made during the 2019-2020 annual open enrollment period will be in effect from August 1, 2019, through July 31, 2020.*

For new hires and newly-eligible graduate staff, elections will be in effect from the first of the month in which you are hired through July 31, 2020.*

Once an election is made, your dental insurance will continue until you opt-out during the following open enrollment period or with a qualifying life event.*

*Note: Benefits are only in effect while you are in an eligible graduate staff position; therefore, if you lose that eligibility (e.g., loss of funding), your benefits will end on the last date you were eligible.

You may view and enroll in dental benefits along with other voluntary benefits through the Benefitfocus enrollment portal. Go to the OneCampus Portal and click the Benefitfocus icon (shown below). Log in with your Purdue career account username and BoilerKey. BoilerKey is required for system access including the Benefitfocus enrollment portal. For information and instructions, view the Purdue BoilerKey: FAQ web page.


Dental ID Number

Diagram highlighting the Delta Dental ID number

Your Delta Dental ID number is your Purdue University ID number, minus the first zero. Without the first zero, the PUID is nine digits long. Do not add the trailing tenth number; this is a card version number. You can view your dental ID card online or on the Delta Dental mobile app using the links in the "Contacts" section.


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