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According to the International and Educational Exchange Generation Abroad initiative, students who study abroad represent less than 10% of the 2.6 million students graduating with an associates or baccalaureates degree each year. The number for first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented minority students is significantly less. There is a movement that seeks to address this gap by educators nationwide but there is still significant work that remains to be done. Access to international opportunities is a barrier for underserved populations. Specifically, the paramount costs associated with courses abroad makes these opportunities nearly impossible. Oftentimes, students worry about the countless reasons why they should not or can not study abroad.

With Horizons, studying abroad is not only a possibility, but a certainty.

In an effort to address the need to expand access to global educational opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups, Horizons has developed a comprehensive Global Leadership study abroad program that takes students on a challenging journey of self-reflection, leadership development, and intercultural understanding as they accompany to various locales around the globe. We began our study abroad program in 2012, and we have since visited locations such as: South Africa, Costa Rica, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Cuba, and Peru. Our program aims to promote study abroad awareness and participation for first-generation, income-eligible college students. We have tailored our program to specifically address the concerns of these students, and we seek to provide students the opportunity to study abroad for nearly 65% less than a traditional short-term study abroad program at Purdue. Through our program, we have demonstrated a positive impact on student confidence levels and highlight their overall growth. Our Global Leadership Curriculum intends to:

  1. Develop student understanding of global leadership success strategies,
  2. Foster skills which enhance leadership effectiveness, and
  3. Provide instruction on incorporating their experiences for career development.
While abroad, students will be exposed to a breadth of diverse cultural experiences, will be challenged to reflect on their emotional response and active participation within that culture, and will learn how integrate these lessons into their personal and professional world view.

Study Abroad Highlights

About Horizons Study Abroad  - courtesy of Horizons student Meaghan S.
Horizons to Peru 2018 - courtesy of Horizons student Ashley S.
Horizons to Spain 2019  - courtesy of Horizons student Jocy R.
Horizons to Costa Rica 2023  - courtesy of Horizons student Jeshua A.

Thank you to our partners!

Horizons would like to express our thanks to the many partners and stakeholders who have worked tirelessly with us to assure the success of our programs. Special thanks to our program partners at the Purdue University Study Abroad Office, and our international partners who have worked with us to develop programming abroad: The Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA), WorldStrides, and International Studies Abroad (ISA). You have our sincerest gratitude. 

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