Horizons Services

Horizons is designed to be a friendly and easily accessible hub of holistic support for the students in our program. Our programmatic structure is designed to be able to support you in all facets of your college life. Whether you are in need of assistance in a particular subject, need to print off documents in between classes, or you just need a listening ear, we can help you. Our diverse staff welcomes conversations with Horizons students about their interests, challenges, and successes. We ensure your success by providing access to the following services:

Horizons students have a designated work space for studying and computer usage, located in Krach Leadership Center, Room 329. There are several computers, printers, and a scanner for student use. All printing is free of charge exclusively for Horizons students and will not be deducted from their account.

Horizons offers its students free one-on-one, small group, and large group tutoring in all core math and science courses, as well as providing tutoring assistance in foreign language courses. Tutoring exceptions for other subjects can be made on a case-by-case basis. Please note that we are only accepting applications online. You are welcome to come fill out the application in the Horizons space, and we can assist you, but you will still be applying online. Please visit the Tutoring web page to learn more and apply. Tutoring takes place in the Horizons study, Monday through Friday each week. Group tutoring is required for Horizons freshman to assist with STEMcourses often taken in the first semester

First year Horizons participants are matched with a faculty or staff member in their preferred area of study. Faculty mentors serve as knowledgeable and experienced guides, caring facilitators, role models, and most of all, trusted allies and advocates. Through guided reflection, students have the opportunity to develop their understanding of their major pursuit, and better prepare themselves for their college journey. The faculty mentor experience is only mandated for a Horizons student's first semester in college, but most relationships last well throughout their academic career at Purdue.

All Horizons freshmen have access to group peer mentoring as part of their GS199 and GS490 Horizons freshman seminar courses. These peer mentor groups are each led by a trained Horizons upperclassman, who undergo rigorous Peer Mentor training course in preparation for their practicum in the following fall semester. Horizons peer mentors are equipped with the skills necessary to guide new students during their first year, and ease their transition into college, acting in a foundational support capacity and as an empathetic resource to provide information, guidance, and motivation to Horizons freshmen as they begin their college journey.

Horizons advising is available to students from their freshman year through graduation, providing supplemental advising in all aspects of their educational planning, including course planning, study skills, GPA management, and referral services. Horizons also offers support for its students in their career-related challenges, including their choice of major with respect to their future profession. We aim to assist students in obtaining a better understanding of what really matters for theim personally, and professionally, and seek to empower them with the information to plan their careers with confidence. Referral services are also available to the Center for Career Opportunities.

Horizons provides its participants with an assortment of cultural enrichment opportunities in conjunction with Purdue Convocations. Each semester, we send out a list of events which our students can attend, free of charge. Please contact our office for our current offerings!

Please note that Horizons is not a scholarship program. However, additional financial support may be available for students in need.

Questions? Contact us:

Horizons Student Support Services
Krach Leadership Center Room 329
1198 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: 765-494-7094
Fax: 765-496-2795