Horizons Faculty Mentorship

Horizons participants are matched with a faculty or staff member in their preferred area of study. Faculty mentors serve as knowledgeable and experienced guides, caring facilitators, role models, and most of all, trusted allies and advocates. Through guided reflection, students have the opportunity to develop their understanding of their major pursuit, and better prepare themselves for their college journey. The faculty mentor experience spans the duration of an entire semester but most relationships last well throughout their academic career at Purdue.

Are you interested in becoming a faculty mentor with Horizons, or would like to nominate a faculty member? Please use the link below to complete the interest form.

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Why Become a Faculty Mentor with Horizons

  • Investment in the academic success of low-income, first-generation college students
  • Preparing students to become future leaders in their field of study
  • Helping students identify rewarding self-sustaining careers
  • Opportunity to continue the mentorship and become more active in the mentee’s life
  • Low time commitment. Mentors/Mentees meet three times throughout the Fall semester

Horizons' 2023 Faculty Mentor Impact Award Recipients

Dr. Liz Flaherty

Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty is associate head and professor of wildlife ecology and habitat management for the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. Her research interests include mammalian responses to habitat fragmentation, forest ecology, locomotion costs for arboreal and semi-arboreal mammals, and stable isotope ecology.

Dr. Ali Bramson

Dr. Bramson studies problems related to understanding the quantitative geomorphology of other planets, especially the physical processes related to ice and volatiles that affect the surfaces of solid bodies in our solar system. She tackles these problems using a combination of spacecraft remote sensing observations and theoretical modeling, supplemented by occasional field work at terrestrial analog sites and experimental studies. Her research on Martian mid-latitude ice is helping to shape the future of in situ resource utilization and human exploration of Mars.

Horizons' 2023 Faculty Mentee Spotlight Award Recipients

Sami Ward

Junior, Kinesiology

Krystal Kramer

Freshman, Wildlife

Impact of Faculty Mentorship on Horizons Student Success

“I have learned so much and genuinely feel so much more prepared to continue into my future."

- Bek Hamelin, Junior, Anthropology

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Renkert, College of Liberal Arts

“I have really enjoyed my mentor and I love meeting with her to talk about the future. I feel very inspired to have a woman in my department as my mentor."

- Alexis Walker, Sophomore, Materials Science and Engineering

Mentor: Dr. Maria Okuniewski, College of Engineering