Horizons Courses

After the successful completion of the first semester, Horizons students have the opportunity to enroll in courses that develop their mentoring and global leadership skills. Our courses are centered around developing and strengthening a growth mindset, and developing the resilience to undergo the challenges that students may face during their college career. Starting in their freshman year, students are exposed to these topics through our Strategies for Success and Horizons Study Skills courses. After their first semester, students have the opportunity to join in any number of additional courses, to further developing their mentoring, career, and global leadership skills.

EDPS 301 - Peer Mentor Training and Practicum

The Horizons Peer Mentor training course is a two-semester series that gives Horizons students the opportunity to become peer mentors to the freshman cohort in the fall semester following their training. The focus of this course is to assist students in the development of mentor, leadership, and interpersonal communication skills. Students will also learn about campus resources as they relate to Horizons students. This course is the first part of training, the second component of the peer mentor training may only be taken with satisfactory completion of part one. The second portion of the course is the practicum and students will support their mentees through the sharing of personal experiences, leading small group discussion, and planning enriching and community building activities for their group.

EDPS 490 - Horizons Global Leadership

Students will be immersed in a country of choice, decided by Horizons staff, and will undergo a comprehensive and rigorous, three-week course covering various topics in global leadership. The course instructors and guest lecturers will assist students with developing an understanding of global leadership, success strategies, and the skills to enhance leadership effectiveness, as well as instruction on incorporating the experience abroad in career development. Students will explore their host country, and gain exposure to diverse cultural experiences. They will learn to reflect on their emotional response and active participation, and be challenged to integrate these experiences into their personal and professional world view upon their return.

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