An interview with Horizons Interim Director, Brittany Allensworth

Former Horizons student takes on new role as interim program director, reflects on personal growth

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Join Purdue University in celebrating National TRIO Day! This day helps recognize the benefits that TRIO programs provide to students as they pursue their academic and personal goals. The day also aims to recognize the ways in which TRIO students give back to their communities.

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Students reflect on Horizons experience

The TRIO organization comprises a variety of programs that provide services to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds excel both personally and professionally. On the fourth Saturday in February, TRIO Day is celebrated to focus on the success of TRIO students. Purdue’s Horizons Student Support Services partners with TRIO to implement their mission to support underprivileged students at Purdue University.

Students study in the Horizons office space, located on the 3rd Floor of Krach Leadership Center