Leadership Learning Community (LLC)

Sophomores students can choose to live in this residence hall community which focuses on leadership as social change.  Students live and learn together through coursework, community service and other engaging opportunities outside of the classroom.  LLC students attend the EMV Leadership Retreat and take a Social Change field trip to Indianapolis (fall) and Chicago (spring) to see leadership in action.  Apply here

Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record of a Purdue University-West Lafayette campus student’s co-curricular involvement and leadership experiences.  Students can utilize the CCT for various purposes such as: a record of involvement at Purdue; to supplement applications to graduate school, scholarships, or campus jobs; an aid in “telling your story” or developing an elevator pitch for interviews and networking, assist in the development of resumes, considering career path, and as a tool to plan personal goals and manage time.

B-Involved Video

The Student Activities and Organizations office promotes being involved on campus – the “Swipes Guy” gives it a new twist to being involved. Check out this new video encouraging people everywhere to B-Involved and let us know what you think of it!  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube link for constant video updates!


Your link to involvement at Purdue. BoilerLink has robust functionality that help in joining and managing organizations, recruiting members, publicizing events, and enhancing your co-curricular experience.