Future Postdocs

Welcome to Purdue University! We are Indiana's land-grant university and rank "Top 10" among U.S. public institutions and eighth-highest in international student enrollment among all U.S. institutions. We have over 500 postdocs working in 80 different departments on and off campus, and we'd love to have you join us!

Getting Started

Individual professors or research groups manage postdoc hiring by directly receiving applicants' documentation and conducting applicant interviews. The Postdoctoral Office is not involved with handling applications and coordinating interviews. There is no official postdoc application form or online postdoc application system; direct communication with the faculty member guides each step of the application and hiring process.

To apply for a Purdue postdoc position:

  1. Search the academic department webpage for information regarding postdoc openings. Check the research webpages of individual faculty members to see if they are currently accepting postdoc applications.
  2. If you do not find information on the individual faculty members' pages regarding postdoc positions, then email the faculty member directly to inquire about postdoc openings in their research group.
  3. If the faculty member is interested in you for a postdoc position, they will communicate with you regarding the next steps of the postdoc application process.

Prior to Arrival

As a future postdoc, there is much information you might need prior to your arrival on campus. Here are several useful links to get you started:

At Purdue

Future postdocs will likely need some basic information about the University and its surrounding community once they arrive on campus. Several useful resources are listed below: