Postdoc Fellowships

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CTSI Postdoctoral Training Award in Translational Research

Submission Deadline: December 12, 2019

Description from the website: “The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is seeking applicants for special postdoctoral training awards in translational research. In biomedical terminology, translational research refers to what is popularly termed as "bench to bedside"; the process by which research in the lab translates into patient treatment. Translation may involve applying discoveries made during research (in the lab, through animal studies, etc.) to the development of clinical trials and studies in humans, or carrying out research aimed at enhancing the adoption of best practices, or both. To be eligible, candidates must have received a PhD or equivalent degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution.”

National Institutes of Health - NIH F32 and K-Awards

F32: – US citizen or permanent resident who will enter a postdoc term

K-awards: - no citizenship requirement, must have a PhD and less than 4 years of postdoc experience

Application Deadlines:

  • F31 and F32: April 8th, August 8th, December 8th
  • K-awards: March 12th, July 12th, November 12th

National Science Foundation Postdoc Fellowships

Must be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or US National to apply and either a graduating PhD or a current postdoc.

Each specific fellowship has its own qualifications and requirements.

Atmospheric and Geosciences Postdoctoral Fellowships (AGS-PRF)
  • Area: Earth Sciences
  • Deadline: Proposal accepted anytime
Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (MSPRF)
  • Area: Math
  • Deadline: October
NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowships (AAPF)
  • Area: Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Deadline: October 15
Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology (PRFB)
  • Area: Biology
  • Deadline: November 19
SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (SPRF)
  • Area: Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
  • Deadline: November 1 

Postdoctoral Awards

The following awards and competitions are open to Purdue postdocs. For more information, please visit the corresponding websites.