Elizabeth A Jackson

Liz Jackson

Forestry and Natural Resources

Manager Walnut Cncl/IFWOA & Engage Spec
Wright Center Room 121
1007 North 725 West
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Why Extension?

Tell us about your background?
I became interested in the outdoors and nature at an early age, which led me to study forestry at Purdue. Being too practical, I majored in Forest Products and Business. Before returning to Purdue FNR to work in 2004 I worked in management for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in purchasing and materials management for a window treatment manufacturer.
How did you come to work for the Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center, Walnut Council, and IN Forestry & Woodland Owners Association? What do people need to know about these organizations?

This position was a newly created partnership with the department of FNR in 2004 when I enquired. I was a good fit with my business and management backgrounds. All three organizations, although they have separate missions, are great resources for landowners and can assist them in many ways to learn more and achieve their property objectives.

How did you get involved with FNR Extension and outreach?
The nature of my position was to extend and outreach to landowners and the public on behalf of the Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center, Walnut Council, and IN Forestry & Woodland Owners Association.
What do you enjoy most about your work?
The variability! Every day is totally different. I like the variety of topics I work on, the various tasks, and the wide array of questions and problems I get to tackle.
What is the biggest challenge you face in your job?
Prioritizing. Each organization has so many great ideas for connecting with landowners and making the organization better. I work 1/3 time for each and there isn’t enough time to do it all.
What part of your job did you least expect to be doing?
I knew that I would be doing writing and website work but I am doing much more than expected. I am writing at least 6 complete newsletters each year plus brochures and other materials. Also creating and updating 4 active websites plus a twitter account.
Do you have an outside hobby?
Gardening and reading are my favorite activities.