Email Campaigns

Communicating with students is the most important thing we do. It’s essential to keep in mind what students want to hear and how they want to hear it. Email is a popular medium for reaching students and their parents.

Use the steps below to quickly help you execute an email campaign. Need more detailed instructions? Visit our UG Slate – Recruitment Communication Tactics chapter on Email Campaigns.

1. Craft your message

Your first step to creating an email message is to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard. Identify your population and what your call-to-action for your email effort is. Then, get typing!

For content inspiration, we highly recommend sourcing the MarCom Content Packages webpage. Alternatively, you could connect with your Student Ambassadors or Alumni network to find stories that resonate. Our central communication efforts will be focused on sharing content about Purdue University as a whole, but you can really help recruitment by sharing information and stories from within your College or unit!

When it comes to creating the email itself, our partners are invited to use our Email Builder tool to help build the HTML source code for responsive, in-brand emails. We have several templates to choose from.

Not sure how to use our tool? Visit our Email Builder page for step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial.

To access the Email Builder tool, follow the link below and use your Purdue Career Account to log in.

Alternative email building applications are available online and partners are welcome to use them. We only require that submitted mailings be in-brand and responsive.

Go to the Email Builder tool

2. Load your mailing into Undergraduate Slate

The steps found below assume you’ve created your email and copied the source code to your clipboard.

  1. Navigate to UG Slate and go to Deliver – Mailings
  2. Click “New Mailing”
  3. Name your mailing following our preferred naming convention:
    Unit Code – Prospect Status – Communication Name – Enrollment Year
  4. Set the Folder path and update the User fields
  5. Hit Save
  6. Once you’ve loaded into this new mailing, select “Edit Message”
  7. Click on the “Source Code” icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar
  8. Delete the present HTML code and paste down your copied mailings HTML code
  9. Hit ‘OK’
  10. Update the “Sender”, “Recipient”, “CC” and “Subject” fields
  11. Hit ‘Save’ once completed

Before submitting or requesting an Email Campaign project request with EMSCI, be sure you check your mailing for the following:

  • Verify there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Add and check your variable data fields, like {{First-Name}}, {Email}, etc.
  • Add and check your Sender data fields:
  • Your Preferred Sender Display Name <Sender Email Address> 
  • (example: “Enrollment Management at Purdue University” <>)
  • Make sure all of your hyperlinks work correctly.
  • Make sure any user-created images are appropriately sized inherently/intrinsically. Images should not be scaled up or down via Image Properties settings.
  • Send a “Test Message” to yourself to ensure the mailing displays correctly in both desktop and mobile view

3. Submit your Email Campaign request in Sharedwork/Workzone

You must submit an Email Campaign request 10 full working days before your desired distribution date. This allows time for adequate review, filter creation, and queuing for delivery.

NOTE: If a project is submitted after 4 pm, that 10 day project turnaround time will begin on the following day. Please be mindful of your target deadlines and when you submit requests.

  1. Navigate to Sharedwork
  2. Select Email Campaign from the Project Type drop-down menu
  3. Fill out the form to the best of your ability
Go To Sharedwork

Need help?

All of our partners have Slate Point Person(s), these individuals are equipped with the Sharedwork login username and password for their unit and are typically the College/unit’s most experienced in using Slate. They are a great internal source of information. You can find your Slate Point Person and learn more about Slate, Slate leadership, and more by following the link below:

Undergraduate Slate & Resource Team

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