Undergraduate Slate Training

Notice: These training modules only apply to the Undergraduate instance of Slate.

Enrollment Management Strategic Communications and Initiatives (EMSCI) has developed a series of Brightspace Training modules. These trainings, developed with the end user in mind, serve as a tutorial and reference for users of the Undergraduate Slate instance at Purdue University. Each course concludes with a knowledge check of the material in the course.

How to Access Brightspace Trainings

To access the trainings that are applicable to your roles/permissions within Slate, click the button to the respective course from the course listings below. To see all the courses available to you, log into your Brightspace home page.

Select the “Purdue West Lafayette” campus from the options on the Brightspace page. You will then be prompted to log in to Brightspace using BoilerKey. Once you have successfully logged in, EMSCI recommends bookmarking the link(s) for quick access in the future.

Note: You will only be able to access the Slate Training Modules that are applicable to your roles/permissions within UG Slate.

Brightspace Home Page

These training modules are designed to be instructional and serve as a reference point. EMSCI recommends completing all the courses available to you at least once a year.

Be sure to complete the courses in the order listed below as material from the previous courses build on later courses.

The Modules

UG Slate – The Basics

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This course covers the basics of Slate. Topics include:

  • What is Slate?
  • How to Access Undergraduate Slate
  • Navigating Slate
  • Understanding a Slate Student Record
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UG Slate – Recruitment Communication Tactics

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This course covers 3 of 4 core Recruitment Communication Tactics available to the recruitment community (in the context of Undergraduate Slate).

Topics include:

  • The Recruitment Communication Tactics
    • Email Campaigns
      • Creating a mailing
      • Requesting distribution
      • Assessing reactions/responses to the effort
    • Call Campaigns
      • Overview of tactic
      • Executing a call campaign
      • Logging call statuses and why
    • Mailing List Exports
      • Overview of tactic
      • Executing/Running a mailing list export
      • Mailing list export data handling
      • Tracking print/postal efforts recommendations
Access UG Slate – Recruitment Communication Tactics

UG Slate – Events

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This course covers Slate Events.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Slate Events
  • Understanding Event Templates
    • Event Communications
  • Viewing Events
  • Creating Events
  • Event Management
Access UG Slate – Events
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This course will cover what one needs to know as a Slate Point Person for their college or department.

Topics will include:

  • WorkZone/SharedWork Requests
  • Role Request & UG Slate Access
  • Support & Service Requests

For assistance with accessing these modules or general UG Slate training questions, please email AdmsCRM@purdue.edu.

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