Marketing and Communication Strategy

From developing a content strategy to thinking through your events, we are here to support you with achieving your recruitment goals.

Resources to start your plans!

  • When creating your communication plan for the year make sure you include two important components: a recruitment plan and yield plan. Both plans should include messaging and engagement, such as print materials, emails, events, social media, multimedia offerings, etc.
    • A recruitment plan includes all efforts you are taking to increase your funnel, and to connect with high schoolers, pre-applicants, and other special populations.
    • A yield plan will display all of your planned communication and engagements for your admitted student population.
  • The beginning of any strong plan starts with understanding your audience- their interests, attitudes, behavior, emotional motivators, and personal obstacles. The information can help you make informed decisions and craft impactful plans.
    • Check out the Data & Reports page for data dashboards and more to help you build that historical context and plan strategically.
  • Ask yourself, your team, and senior leadership: What are your college’s recruitment goals? Do you have specific majors or programs to grow? How will that impact your communication plans?
  • Review the EMSCI Communication Plans so you can optimize timing and prioritize the storytelling of your unit, school or college.
    • A recruitment tactic that is duplicative of something already planned centrally will not be accepted until it is adjusted in a way that adds value to the recipient.
  • Connect with and work alongside your college communication and marketing leaders.

Need copies of the EMSCI Communication Plans or want help thinking through and developing your own? Need guidance on navigating data? Let’s talk! Contact our team at