Mailing List Exports

Mailing List Exports are a great tactic to utilize when you want to distribute important print messages to prospective or admitted students.

Use the steps below to quickly help you execute an effort utilizing a mailing list export. Need more detailed instructions? Visit our UG Slate – Recruitment Communication Tactics chapter on Mailing List Exports.

Identifying your Desired Audience

  • Consider the goal of your print piece.
  • Keep in mind your projected quantity
  • Determine if you have any unique populations you should prioritize.
  • Plan accordingly. The printing and postal processes are rife with complications and delays; give yourself ample time to execute and distribute your effort.

Requesting Your Mailing List Export

You must submit a Mailing List Export request at least 10 full business days before your desired in-hand date.

  1. Navigate to Sharedwork
  2. Select Exports Request from the Project Type drop-down menu
  3. Fill out the form to the best of your ability

A standard Mailing List Export output will include the following fields/columns: name, address, city, state, zip code, URM status (y/n) and sex.
By default, the following fields will be included for each population:

  • Pre-applicant: career/college interest
  • Applicant: college & latest decision
  • Admit: college, latest decision & Honors College (y/n)

If you want additional fields beyond the default, please indicate those in the project request. EMSCI will review those requested additions and accommodate where they can.

Go to Sharedwork

Running/Executing Your Mailing List Export

Be advised: An export is to be used solely for the purpose outlined in the Export Project request submitted to EMSCI.

By accepting the export, you are agreeing to responsibly handle the data entrusted to you. Responsible handling includes (but is not limited to) shepherding the list through the print and mail processes via a secure file transfer (e.g., File Locker, vendor SFTP) and the subsequent purge of this list and any copies upon completion of the project for which it was created.

If you download your mail export and share it internally with others (colleagues, department representatives, faculty, etc.), you must ensure that they also follow proper data handling protocol.

  1. Locate and navigate to the website URL provided by Enrollment Management Communications using the Chrome web browser. This URL was likely emailed to the individual listed as the “Requester” on the Communications Request form.
  2. If prompted, log in to Slate using your Purdue Career Account and password.
  3. To download the list, click “Run Query”. This will generate a mailing list with the day’s date.
  4. Click Export to download the file.
    1. The default file type is Excel, but there are other file type options.
  5. After the file downloads, click on the download and it will open. You can then save the file.

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