Professional Development

Campus-based programming and consultations to develop societal impact plans, skills, and networks.

Societal Impact Fellows Program

The purpose of the Societal Impact Fellows Program is to foster the development of societal impact across mission areas for faculty and staff. The program will specifically focus on integrating societal impact in grant submissions and enhancing societal impact. Twelve faculty and staff members from the West Lafayette campus will be chosen to participate in this program designed to span the course of a semester. Any faculty or staff member able to submit proposals for external funding, especially those interested in societal impact, are invited to apply.

Societal Impact Fellows will work with a panel of senior faculty mentors from Purdue who have a history of successful engaged scholarship. This program will focus on: (1) enhancing societal impact across mission areas, 2) integrating societal impact within grant proposals; and (3) enhancing societal impact in black communities. Fellows will receive direct feedback from mentors on their proposals, with a special emphasis on integrating societal impact. Fellows also receive a stipend of $1000 for participating and completing the semester-long program.


Fellows will develop their societal impact portfolio during the fellowship. Fellows will:

  • Identify and describe a proposal with societal benefit and scholarly output with impact
  • Work with faculty mentors to develop appropriate short/long-term goals for this project
  • Demonstrate understanding of societal impact through completion of grant proposal executive summary and logic model
  • Attend workshops and webinars, in person or via Zoom

Application Process

Societal Impact Fellow candidates are required to submit a written application for the program. The application must include the following components:

  • A brief statement (1-2 pages) of interest in the Societal Impact program and why this program will augment the individual’s academic career
  • A brief description of the individual’s proposal idea including community partners, their role(s), scholarly outputs, proposed assessments, anticipated impact, and mission area focus
  • Examples of how their research (within any of the three mission areas) has impacted society, if possible
  • A statement of support from the department dead and dean (email is sufficient; no formal letter required)

Selection Process

This is a highly competitive program. Applications must be submitted to Lisa Duncan, llduncan@purdue.eduno later than the end of business on Monday, November 22, 2021.  Final decisions will be made and communicated to the applicants by the end of business on Monday, December 6, 2021.

Societal Impact Fellows & Mentors

2022-23 Societal Impact Fellows & Mentors

Societal Impact Fellows

  • Matthew Hannah, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts
  • Krystal Hans, Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture
  • David Johnson, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering
  • Darrin Karcher, Associate Professor, College of Agriculture
  • Melissa Kovich, Staff, College of Health and Human Science
  • Anne Lucietto, Associate Professor, Polytechnic Institute
  • Christy Wessel Powell, Assistant Professor, College of Education
  • Sudip Vhaduri, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic Institute

2021-22 Societal Impact Fellows & Mentors

Societal Impact Fellows

  • Brandon Allen, Staff, College of Engineering
  • Omolola Adeoye-Olatunde, Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy
  • Yaohua Feng, Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture
  • Inez Hua, Professor, College of Engineering
  • Chrystal Johnson, Associate Professor, College of Education
  • Nan Kong, Professor, College of Engineering
  • Pi-Ju Liu, Assistant Professor, College of Health and Human Science
  • Krishna Nemali, Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture
  • Philip Pare, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering
  • Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, Associate Professor, Polytechnic Institute
  • Pengyi Shi, Associate Professor, School of Management
  • Rua Mae Williams, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic Institute

Societal Impact Mentors

  • Lynn Bryan, Professor, College of Education
  • Stacey Connaughton, Professor, College of Liberal Arts
  • Liz Flaherty, Associate Professor, College of Agriculture
  • Karen Hudmon, Professor, College of Pharmacy
  • Shelley MacDermid-Wadsworth, Professor, College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Sonak Pastakia, Professor, College of Pharmacy